Akhen (Old Exekian: "The Creator"; also known as "the one god", "the Eternal One", "the All-Father", "King of the Universe", "Lord of Time") is a deity worshiped by the followers of Akhenism and Vormundism.

Both Akhenists and Vormunds believe that Akhen is the sole god in existence. He is said to have created the universe for his pleasure and sentient life out of loneliness. He resides in Paradise, a harmonious realm beyond the physical, material universe. While he has played a significant role in the history of the world, he usually does not interfere directly with mortals, preferring to utilize his servants instead.

Known Servants

The Ferdia - Also known as the "gift-bearer" or "sky-serpent", the Ferdia is a dragon-like creature who grants the righteous and virtuous heroes of history various magical abilities in exchange for good deeds. In most cases, his gifts are hereditary and can be passed on to the gifted person's descendants.

Casimir - A spirit who can take human form, he is also known as "the deceiver", "the tempter" and "the sorrowful one". His task is to tempt physical beings into sin; if they reject him, he is granted an hour of bliss. If they fall for his charms, they lose their soul and Casimir gains another sorrow.

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