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The Arcane Realm was a dreamlike world existing outside of time and space. It housed the Arcana, a group of demonic beings who catered to practitioners of magic in particular.

The origins and exact nature of the Arcane Realm are mysterious. It was possible for the souls of mortals to become trapped in the Realm, either because they became lost there or because they had traded their souls in a deal made with one of the Arcana.

Role of Tarot

Tarot cards, a popular tool for divination, appeared to have been devised as a method of introducing mortals to the Arcana. A cult has sprung up around the cards among those who believe in their power to tell the future, and adherents to this belief often see the Major Arcana as helpful or even divine spirits who want to help people.


Since it has no definite shape or form, the Realm can take on any appearance. Some have described it as looking like a paradise, while others say it is a hellscape or a wasteland. Whether it is the stuff of dreams or nightmares depends on the person, why they are there, who they associate with, etc.

The Magician's Realm is an island covered in dense wildlife and surrounded by a sparkling, crystalline sea. The weather on the island is shown to be influenced by his moods.