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"Children of the War" is the term given to the youths and young people who were killed, orphaned, disadvantaged, or in some way negatively affected by the War of Succession. It was first coined by Queen Laura, herself a victim of the conflict in which her father, Lord Gavin Zosimus, had fought and died.

The phenomenon of these children whose parents had chosen the losing side became increasingly common as the war stretched on longer than anticipated. In addition to pillaging their homes, raping their wives, and destroying their property, King Aldous deliberately sought to humiliate and degrade the children of his fallen enemies. This included mutilating their faces and bodies, emasculating boys and abusing girls, and branding them with the symbol reserved for criminals who had committed treason.

Boys of a certain age were pressed into service and taken to Castle Downey, the former home of the Duke of Prynne, where they were trained to become the next generation of knights. In addition to the brutal exercises, the instructors attempted to indoctrinate the children into absolute loyalty to the crown.

The behavior of the surviving children varied. In some cases, they became extremely violent and lashed out at others, driven feral by the cruelties visited upon them. Others were able to overcome the adversities they faced and carved out a place for themselves in the new world.

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