Fomori are a bipedal species with amphibious or aquatic characteristics. They are an offshoot of the Exekians, and are considered native to the Hadzic Sea.

On land, Fomori are nearly indistinguishable from Exekians except by their webbed hands and feet. The Fomori are able to reproduce with an Exekian who is undergoing kluuda. The differences between the species are primarily behavioral and developmental - Fomori mature at a slower rate than Exekians, becoming sexually mature at around the age of 50 rather than 25, but they are not limited to a kluuda mating cycle. They do however return to land in order to mate, and often spend decades living among the Exekians as they raise their offspring. Eventually, the call of the sea proves too strong, and they must return to the waters.

Due to their tendency to live at sea, they are much more likely to die than Exekians. Various oceanic predators have been known to target Fomori.

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