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Clockwise from top right: Livia Agravain, Marena Roland, Marcus Roland, Sibylla Andronikos, Decimus Roland and Stella Matuzek, Lygia Roland.

Zantines are a human ethnic group native to the land of Zantium. They are descended from ancient settlers who migrated from Apicarta during the Old Kingdom era. Their first ruler was King Peredur, an escaped slave; many of the noble houses could trace their lineage back to him.

As of the conquest and destruction of Zantium in 145 AYZ, there are fewer than 4 million full-blooded Zantines yet living.

Appearance and Traits

The Zantines are described as typically having dun (yellowish brown) or pale skin. Nearly all of them have dark (and usually curly) hair, though some may have light brown or reddish hair similar to the Apicartans. Most have brown or hazel eyes; blue eyes are somewhat rare, and green eyes are very rare.

To other races, it can be impossible to tell the Zantines and the Apicartans apart.


The Zantine language is very similar to Old Exekian, having little in common with Apicartan.

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