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The Zosimuses were an Apicartan noble family. Descended from a knight who had fought in the First Exekian War, they eventually were given lordship of Tyr. Over the generations, the family grew rich from the city's flourishing trade, and they became known as the wealthiest clan in the kingdom. Their opulent estate, Isidore, was known for hosting lavish parties before it was destroyed during the War of Succession.

Among the more famous members were Lord Gavin Zosimus, who was one of the original followers of the prophet Dagda Vormund.

Since the marriage of Laura Zosimus to King Aldous, the family's property now belongs to the crown.



King Letholdus I and Zosima.

Zosima, the progenitor of the Zosimus family, was a slave-turned-knight who fought alongside King Letholdus I in the First Exekian War. Among his war prizes, he was granted land in the east, near the city of Tyr. It was there that he began the construction of a castle, although the original building was no longer intact by 133 AYZ.

Zosima married Bertha, a slave woman freed after the fall of the Old Exekian Empire. These are their children:

Albrecht ~ Leila ~ Nadine

Albrecht married Gisela. These are their children:


Gervais married Charlotte. These are their children:


By the time Amalric came of age, the family's castle had crumbled and they were living in a seaside villa in Tyr. Amalric married Marinesha. These are their children:


Galian married Katrin. These are their children:

Hugh ~ Theodor ~ Joan

Lord Hugh Zosimus was the one responsible for the family's reputation as the wealthiest clan in the kingdom. A self-made millionaire, he became fabulously rich by investing in Tyran trade and promptly built a new mansion on the stone foundations of the crumbled castle Isidore. He married a Zantine, Sibylla Andronikos. These are their children:

Stephen ~ Gavin

Theodor Zosimus had a son:


Stephen died unmarried and childless. His brother Gavin became next in line, but Gavin forfeited his inheritance by eloping with his pregnant mistress, Melissa Gardner. They had one child:


Melissa died in childbirth. In order to regain his inheritance, Gavin hid Laura's existence from his mother, claiming that she had died along with Melissa.

Though Gavin was successful in fooling his mother, his connection to the Cult of Vormund had come to the attention of King Tristan, who barred Gavin from becoming Lord of Tyr. The title then fell to the next eligible male in the Zosimus family line: Lucan, who held the title of Lord of Tyr from 164 AYZ until his death in 171 AYZ.

Gavin also adopted an orphan boy:

Vincent Apothik

Gavin finally became Lord of Tyr after the death of his cousin. His second marriage to Beatrice Ormond resulted in a son:


Balian would likely have become the next Lord of Tyr, had the clan's power not been dissolved by King Aldous, their estate destroyed, and their wealth claimed by the crown.

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