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The Bishop of Bodai, Balthasar Krezt, shown wearing the black robes of his station.

The clergy is any formally ordained member of the Temple, a religious organization found throughout Alucarsia. While the religion most widely accepted in the country is rooted in Akhenism, the Temple does not refer to it as such, nor do they call their single deity "Akhen". They do this to avoid anything Exekian, including using words from their language. Regardless, the Temple organizes its clergy based on the Exekian fellinar.

Members of the clergy are devoted to studying the religious texts, particularly the Holy Books, as well as bettering and supporting their communities. They often hold fundraising events, such as the ecclesia faire. While they were never particularly powerful, in recent years they have lost much of their influence on the increasingly secular Alucarsian society.

A monk in white robes and an unauthorized "wild man".

Ranks of the clergy include priests/priestesses, monks, and bishops. The highest ranking is that of bishop, making one a "Lord of Time". Any unauthorized/unofficial religious figure is typically classified as a "wild man" (due to the tendency of such persons to live outside of civilization and/or adopt a "wild", unkempt appearance) and is usually dispatched by the clergy.