Dardanos is a nation located on an island to the north of Apicarta. It is an oligarchy populated by humans.

The natives, or Dardani, are a swarthy, dark-haired people with "startling" blue eyes. They are considered by many to be the most attractive human ethnic group.

Dardani culture, on the other hand, is often criticized for its barbaric and uncivilized customs. Tribal warfare is common even among the lower classes, and the oligarchy frequently orders the assassination of their rivals, including family members. Particular criticism is leveled at them for the practice of avorro, or "trial by lashes" and the ritualistic killing of twin babies due to a superstitious belief that twins are cursed.

King Tristan of Apicarta, whose wife Deirdre was a Dardani princess, was known for his lenient (some would say lax) policies regarding the Dardani. The immigrant Dardani population in northern Apicarta successfully appealed to him through his wife to instate traditional Dardani laws and customs in certain areas, causing social and political upheaval. A point of contention during Tristan's reign was the avorro of Daniel Zuse, an Apicartan citizen who had murdered three women of Dardani descent.

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