Deirdre Stirling was the wife of King Tristan Stirling. She is the mother of Aldous, Helen, and Claudius, and the paternal grandmother of Richard.

As a native of Dardanos, she is the first foreign-born queen of Apicarta since Margot Castile.


Deirdre Devorak was born in Ofram, the capital of Dardanos. Her family was friendly with Queen Enid, who chose Deirdre to be her son's future wife when she was just thirteen.

At the age of sixteen, she married Prince Tristan. As soon as she became pregnant, she altered her lifestyle considerably. She ceased exercise of any kind, including going for a walk, and kept her room sparse, believing the sight of decorations would harm the child.

According to rumor, her firstborn, Aldous, had a twin. It was said that Deirdre had the twin killed, due to a superstitious belief that twins are cursed. However, this story may not be true, as many have testified that Aldous had no twin.

Deirdre bore a daughter, Helen, and a second son, Claudius. The relationship between Deirdre and Tristan was observed to be on amicable terms, but they did not love each other.

Due to illness, she was not present at the tournament when Tristan was assassinated. After his death, Deirdre returned to Ofram and attempted to disassociate herself from her two sons, who were at that point embroiled in the War of Succession. She pleaded with Helen to come and live with her for her safety, but Helen refused.

She died not long after Claudius' execution, apparently of a heart attack. Some claim she committed suicide via poison, due to the grief of losing her son at the hands of his brother.

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