Watchman Dimiter Yen is the head priest of Vaslav Chapel in the Zantine enclave of the city of Amarna. He is a retired paladin, having given up his knighthood to take holy vows.

He later brought Rowan Renard to Marcus Roland for training, and while he initially refused to take part, he also tutored Rowan in martial arts and spiritual warfare.


Dimiter Yen was born in Zantium. His paternal great-grandfather was a full-blooded Iskirran, hence his surname Yen and his unusual features, which marked him as different from other Zantines.

As a teenager he trained to become a paladin and was knighted when he came of age. At some point he married Octavia. They have no children.

After surviving the fall of Zantium, he left his wife behind in Amarna while he traveled the world, working as a witchhunter, exorcising spirits and engaging in kassiyadin, or spiritual warfare. He eventually retired and settled down to become a priest at the Vaslav Chapel in Amarna. Taking the holy vows required that he commit to pacifism; thus, he could no longer call himself a paladin. Thus, he became Watchman Dimiter Yen.

Marcus Roland, with whom Dimiter had attended the academy, became Dimiter's closest friend later in life. He later officiated at Marcus' daughter's wedding to Ardath Dastagir.

Years later, Dimiter rescued Rowan Renard from a group of thugs who were trying to rob him. He carried Rowan to the safety of the chapel, where he tended to his wounds. After learning that Rowan was looking for the paladins, Dimiter revealed his past and reluctantly agreed to take him to Marcus for training. While he initially refused to participate, Dimiter did eventually teach Rowan some martial arts techniques, though his real expertise was in kassiyadin, a concept which baffled the young apprentice.

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