Edric was an Exekian male who lived during ancient times. He appears as a character in the Histories of Heroes, the second book of the Mandorlin, where he is identified as the first hunyadi.


Edric was the bonded servant of Lord Sadon, an ally of Skoga. He was dispatched to fight in the Raid of Sylarat, but deserted the battlefield.

Fleeing into the forest, he encountered the wounded Ferdia. The good-natured Edric treated the Ferdia's wounds, expecting nothing in return. Instead, the Ferdia granted him a gift - the ability to dreamwalk, or experience and influence mortal dreams. This ability made Edric the first hunyadi; all of his descendants are said to possess the same gift.

Edric was captured by Sadon's men and taken back to Sadon, who threw him in a dungeon. For six nights, Edric dreamwalked with a slave who had disobeyed one too many times and been thrown in prison. Each night, Edric witnessed in the slave's dreams a different facet of love: unconditional love, friendship, sacrifice, eternal love, "love that wills the good of the other", and servitude.

At the end of the six days, Edric was due to be executed. However, in the aftermath of the failed raid, chaos broke out among the petty kingdoms and Sadon was killed.

Edric was again captured, this time by a roving band of mercenaries led by the shieldmaiden Zara. Edric and Zara fell in love and went on to have countless children together.