Edric Chanticleer


Edric Chanticleer was the first king of Zantium, the deliverer of Dalian, and the progenitor of the Zantine royal family.

Born a slave under the Old Exekian Empire, he was raised in Zantium, which was at the time a slave colony dedicated to agriculture. When Edric was a young man, the discovery of iron led to a slave uprising in Apicarta, followed by an event known as the "March to the Forge" in which the iron ore was made into weapons. As the uprising progressed, some of these weapons found their way into Zantium, where the population ratio of humans to Exekians was much higher. The Exekians were swiftly dealt with by the humans.

Afterwards, some of the human slaves turned warriors sailed to Apicarta. Others, like Edric, moved north into the nearby colony of Dalian, where they likewise dispatched the Exekian overseers and armed the local slaves. Edric, who led this force, was hailed as a hero.

But after the war was over and the Exekians were driven into the southern wastes, the humans did not know what to do. Having been freed, Edric wandered the earth with no other goal beyond evading recapture. Eventually he came upon a lake, and while drinking from it he saw a skeleton wearing armor and a silver crown inlaid with diamonds sitting at the bottom. Taking it as a sign, he dove into the water to retrieve the crown and placed it on his own head, declaring his destiny to become a king.

He returned to his fellows with the crown, and many of them also agreed it was a sign. But not all were happy with this outcome, and so a war was fought between those who supported Edric and those who did not. Edric and his supporters were victorious.

Edric married Alais, the daughter of one of those who had opposed him. The two had eleven children.

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