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Eltenia is a nation located north of Iskirra (formerly Zantium), separated by the Luzhin mountains. It is a constitutional monarchy. The capital city is Weir.

Prior to Exekian Imperial colonization, the region was inhabited for centuries by prosperous human farmers. The Exekians arrived only within the last few hundred years, and they were outnumbered by the humans six to one. After the collapse of the Empire, most of the Exekian inhabitants departed. The rest vanished into the mountains.

The citizens of Eltenia are extremely wealthy due to the abundance of natural resources found there, particularly lumber and iron, as well as its booming agriculture and fishing trade. The country is also known for its natural beauty, which attracts tourists from around the world, bringing even more money with them. However, the area is plagued by frequent pirate raids.

The Eltenian shieldmaidens originate here, mainly in and around the region of Ardal.

People and Society

  • Races (Numbers): 90% Eltenian, 10% Immigrant (6% Zantine, 2% Apicartan, 1% Iskirran, 1% Other)
  • Languages Spoken: Eltenian, Exekian
  • Autonomy:


The Temple is the primary religious group in Eltenia, though they have little power. Agnosticism and atheism are both common. Zantine Akhenism has increased in recent years due to the influx of Zantine refugees.

  • Pantheon/Gods:
  • Religious Tolerance:
  • Secularism:
  • Places of Worship:


  • Laws on magic: Magic is technically permitted in Eltenia, although the Temple preaches against it. The generally secular government neither outlaws magic nor offers special protections to magic practitioners.
  • Magical Tolerance
  • Magic in Warfare


  • Gender Equality/Roles:
  • Familial Units:
  • Social Rituals:
  • Fashion and Dress:
  • Cuisine:
  • Entertainment/Games/Sports:
  • Art and Other Great Works:
  • Notable Subcultures:
  • Greeting and Meeting:
  • Holidays:


  • Government type: Constitutional monarchy
  • Nobility and Privilege
  • Capitol City: Weir
  • Crime and Punishment:
  • Allies and Adversaries:
  • Taxation: High
  • Infrastructure:
  • Military:


  • Natural Resources
  • Taxation
  • Trade, Guilds and Market
  • Technology and Medicine
  • Transportation and Communication
  • Farming
  • Export/Import

Other Significant events


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Geography and Ecology

  • Notable Natural Landmarks
  • Notable Flora/Fauna


Key People

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