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Embal was the first Exekian. He was created by Akhen as the first sentient being. His soul was immortal and imbued with a divine spark, granting him agency and freedom.

Unable to relate to the god Akhen, Embal requested he be given a companion. Akhen thus made Callidora, Embal's first mate. The two had a son, Monaxia, but Callidora was unhappy and felt that she was unequal to Embal. After discovering she was pregnant again, she fled into the sea, where she was transformed into a Fomori.

Her and Embal's second son, Goran, was born at sea, but he eventually returned to land as an adult, hoping to find a mate ashore. Goran was thus reunited with his father, who pleaded with Akhen to return Callidora to him as well. But Akhen refused, and instead made Embal a new mate, Droxine, who bore him another son, Kasimir.

Embal witnessed his descendants as they began warring with each other over land, property, lovers, friends, and so on. He was grieved by the destruction they caused, but could do nothing to stop it. The final blow came when Monaxia turned against his own father, setting fire to all that Embal had built. This action led to Akhen transforming Monaxia into the first human, thereby introducing death into the world.

Embal eventually perished, and his spirit joined Akhen in the beyond.