Enid Stirling


Enid Stirling was princess of Apicarta, the wife of Lucien Florescu and the mother of King Tristan Stirling, Lucia Stirling, and Sebastian Stirling.

She was the only child of King Letholdus III, otherwise known as the Raven King, and his wife Aalis. Born while her mother was imprisoned, rumors persisted long after Enid's death that she was the daughter of her mother's warden or a castle guard rather than the king.

For much of her life, she was kept sheltered and isolated from others. This affected her personality, making her lonely and prone to anxiety and hysterics. Her father supervised her education, but wanted little else to do with his daughter, for which Enid was grateful. She was married off to Lucien Florescu, a nobleman who was said to have a calming effect on her.

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