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Enid O'Hara was the queen consort of King Lucien Stirling and the mother of King Tristan Stirling.

Born in Kronos, she came from a wealthy family and was known for her ruthless pursuit of power and prestige. She vigorously pursued Lucien, who became infatuated with her. Due to her heritage, Lucien's father King Letholdus Stirling III was quick to give his blessing.

The affection between them rapidly dissolved, however, and their union produced only one child in over twenty years of marriage. Enid controlled nearly all aspects of her son's life, including arranging his marriage to Deirdre Crimwall; once Deirdre became pregnant, Enid also exerted her will over her daughter-in-law, forcing her into confinement and constantly monitoring her condition. She was present at the birth of Aldous and Claudius, and reportedly suggested to Deirdre that they kill one of the twins in order to prevent them fighting over the throne.

Upon Lucien's death, Tristan finally began to remove his mother from power, eventually placing her under unofficial arrest in the Ivory Tower. She remained there until her death; while she outlived Tristan, her grandson Aldous had no intentions of letting her out, either.