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Errik Nimdok was an Eltenian historian, professor, and archaeologist. He was the widower of Bithia, and the father of Miri.

Intelligent and eccentric but reckless, Nimdok spent the bulk of his career deliberately pursuing dangerous projects for the thrill and adventure. Upon hearing about a mysterious ancient book that had fallen into the hands of a nobleman in the city of Bobriki, he jumped at the chance to claim it. However, after meeting with the deceased nobleman’s family, he realized he was in way over his head. Because others were also chasing the grimoire, he concluded it was his moral duty to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. He succeeded in obtaining the grimoire and escaped, but his action drew the ire of various competitors who wanted the artifact, including Adrian Vandiir and Selca Dukani.


Errik Nimdok was born in Eltenia. Accompanied by his wife Bithia, a former Eltenian shieldmaiden who acted as his bodyguard and assistant, he went on various adventures, using his fame and credibility as a professor and writer to gain access to archaeological sites and archives throughout the world. The couple routinely left their young daughter Miri at home in the care of a nanny while they traveled.

During one such fateful expedition, Nimdok and Bithia traveled to the city of Bobriki in the province of Sarovar. On the train ride, Nimdok had a chance encounter with Adrian Vandiir, who happened to be reading one of Nimdok's books.

After arriving in Bobriki, Nimdok and Bithia were met with hostility from the xenophobic locals. They made their way to the Lazdinay Theater, where they met with the Countess Astapov and her daughter Anesha. Anesha told them about her late father, the Count, who was an avid art collector. He had purchased a mysterious old book at an auction, and became obsessed with it, suffering from nightmares and insomnia. Eventually he retreated to the Summer Palace, sent all the servants away, and committed suicide. Nimdok and Bithia agreed that they needed to secure the dangerous book, which Nimdok believed was a grimoire, or spellbook.

Anesha learned that her brother Ivan was at the auction house, looking for the person who sold the book. Instead he encountered Thetis Suzerain and Adrian Vandiir, who used their magic powers on him, forcing him to reveal the location of the book. Nimdok and Bithia split up; Nimdok went with Anesha to the Summer Palace, while Bithia stayed behind to stop Thetis and Adrian.

Nimdok and Anesha rode by carriage to the Palace through the beginnings of a blizzard. They searched the house until they found the grimoire hidden underneath a floorboard in the drawing room where the Count's body had been found. A demonic creature was guarding the book; it attacked them. Nimdok was able to defeat it using a paladin dagger.

While Nimdok took the grimoire up to the attic in order to examine it, Adrian arrived with Ivan in tow and was greeted by Anesha at the door. Knowing he was dealing with sorcerers, Nimdok burned another similar-looking book he found in the house's library and threw the ashes out of the attic window, taunting his pursuers. Adrian raced inside the house, intent on pursuing Nimdok, who climbed out onto the roof in order to escape. A game of cat and mouse ensued in which Nimdok, recognizing Adrian from the train ride, pushed him off the roof. Anesha and Ivan then helped Nimdok to escape via a secret underground tunnel, although before he left, Ivan informed Nimdok that Bithia had been killed in her fight with Thetis.

After burying the grimoire at a secure location, Nimdok tried to get back home, only to find his daughter Miri had been abducted from the house. Her kidnappers left a cryptic note; it was clear they wanted him to give up the grimoire. Rather than allow them to have it, Nimdok sought the assistance of two paladins, Starlin Rand and ____, in rescuing his daughter. They succeeded, though one of the knights was killed by Thetis Suzerain, who fled.

Nimdok and Miri briefly stayed with Inanna Hoole, with whom Nimdok had had a relationship prior to his marriage. Nimdok was shocked to find that Inanna had become a prostitute and was concerned about Miri being exposed to her activities. Inanna agreed to let them stay at her apartment. However, it wasn't long before enemy agents broke in and assaulted Nimdok.