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Ethan was the first follower and adopted son of Dagda Vormund.


Little is known about Ethan's background except that he was born in the village of Gylvia. He appears to have suffered from mental issues and was described as "slow-witted". At some point his family or village cast him out.

By the time he encountered Vormund, he had descended into a bestial state, living naked and filthy in the wilderness. He was "cured" of his madness by Vormund's presence, which proved comforting to him. Vormund was the one who gave him the name Ethan. He began following Vormund and refused to leave his side.


The First Follower

Vormund always introduced Ethan as his "adopted son", and the two became inseparable. The prophet's other followers considered him to be quiet, introverted, and rather strange, but weren't suspicious of him.

During a second trip to Hiberia, Ethan received a large dose of the hallucinogenic drug darjeel. He was never the same after the experience. Not long after, Sophie Rolfe died under mysterious circumstances, and Drusus was quick to blame Ethan. He fled the scene of the crime and sought refuge with Vormund. When Drusus attempted to kill Ethan, Vormund stood in his way and talked him down, promising they would take him to the police in Tyr.