Frances Stirling was a princess of Apicarta and, for just seven days, queen of that land. She was placed on the throne during the latter half of the War of Succession, with the support of her father, Prince Sebastian Stirling, who hoped to keep his nephew Aldous at bay. Aldous however located his brother Claudius, who had gone into hiding, then returned to the capital to remove Frances.

A plain, demure, and pious bookworm aged just sixteen, Frances was recently married (to Lord Zachary Guildford) and largely innocent in the political machinations of her family. She willingly gave up the crown, hoping Aldous would let her and her husband live. The couple was imprisoned in the castle dungeons, and Sebastian rashly raised an army to break them out. This rebellion was doomed to fail and resulted in his being captured as well.

Aldous condemned Sebastian to hang for treason, and was convinced that Frances was too much of a liability to be left alive. Thus, Frances and Zachary were executed on the same day in 182 AYZ.

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