Galahad Vormundus Zosimus was the son of Lord Gavin Zosimus and Lady Ilena Zosimus, and the younger half-brother of Queen Laura Stirling. He later became a knight, taking the name Sir Traun.


Galahad Vormundus Zosimus was born in 167 AYZ in Tyr. He was the only child of his mother, Lady Ilena Zosimus (née Osterholm) and the second child of his father, Lord Gavin Zosimus. He grew up on the family estate, Isidore, alongside his half-sister Laura and his father's ward, Vincent. The three children were very close when they were young, and all of them were highly protective of each other.

Despite the infamy surrounding the Vormundist religion, Gavin raised his children in the faith. Galahad, while devoted in his faith, was not a scholarly sort and never learned to speak Old Exekian.

During the War of Succession, Gavin sided with Prince Claudius. He was eventually killed in battle. As punishment for betraying the crown, King Aldous took the Zosimus family hostage and burned Isidore to the ground. Both Laura and Vincent tried to run away from the attack, leaving Galahad and his mother behind. Laura was quickly recaptured, but Vincent escaped.

The family was quickly separated from one another. Galahad was taken from his mother and sent to a boys' camp along with other sons of traitorous lords. There, his face was mutilated and he was forced to train to become a warrior.

Four years later, having excelled in his combat training, Galahad was permitted to become a knight. Waiting in line to be knighted by the queen, he was stunned to realize the queen was none other than Laura. The two were reunited, and Laura made him her personal bodyguard.