The daughter of Tristan and Deirdre Stirling, Helen is the younger sister of Aldous Stirling and Claudius Stirling.

She is an information broker, eavesdropping on private conversations, befriending others to uncover their secrets, and manufacturing rumors. She then sells what she knows, thereby changing the balance of power.


As the youngest and only daughter, she grew up feeling like an afterthought. While Claudius would sometimes tease her, he was for the most part kind; Aldous, on the other hand, would outright bully her.

Helen soon grew into a plain and charmless but intelligent young woman with an appetite for knowledge. She enjoyed uncovering the secrets of others and using the information to blackmail them. As a result of her behavior, she had few allies and no friends.

When the War of Succession broke out, she claimed that she intended to remain neutral. In fact, she was working as a spy for Claudius. When she was discovered and brought to Aldous, she expected to be killed for her treason. She was caught off guard when Aldous made a deal with her instead. If she revealed Claudius' location, Aldous vowed that he would not kill either of them. Still devoted to her brother, Helen agreed and told him where Claudius was hiding.

But Aldous did not keep his promise. Claudius was captured, tortured, and executed. For her treason, Helen was exiled to Vallon.

This did not deter her quest to know more than anyone else. Using blackmail, she has manipulated many of the most powerful men and women in the country. In particular she is obsessed by the court minstrel Vincent Apothik, whom she believes was the secret lover of Queen Laura.

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