Iskirra is a nation located to the west of Apicarta, across the Waltari Sea. It is an imperial dictatorship. The capital is Drosperinon.

The Iskirran culture is defined by its devotion to the ideals of progress and advancement. It is known for its magic practitioners, inventors, and well-developed military-industrial complex.


For most of its history, Iskirra was confined to a single island separated from Zantium by the Garhoon strait. However, in 149 Iskirra invaded and conquered its eastern neighbor, absorbing Zantium into the nation of Iskirra and expanding beyond the borders of its island.


Iskirra is an empire, a unitary directorial dictatorship. It is controlled by the emperor and his council.

Thanks to its advanced military-industrial complex and incorporation of magic practitioners into its warriors, Iskirra was able to mount a catastrophic invasion of Zantium, crushing its neighbors and shocking the world. Other countries, particularly Apicarta, are now concerned that Iskirra has plans of world domination. Iskirran representatives and diplomats have done their best to assure them that this is not the case, and that the conquest of Zantium was the culmination of years of hostility between the nations. In other words, Zantium got what was coming to them - they stood in the way of the wheels of progress and were crushed.


The native Iskirrans make up the bulk of the population, although it is known for being very racially mixed. Iskirrans are among the tallest human ethnic groups, with most males standing over six feet tall and females around 5'10". They typically have dark eyes and straight hair.

With their conquest of Zantium, the Zantines have become their largest minority, followed by the Eltenians, Norevi and Apicartans.


Defined by their absolute devotion to progress and technological advancement, the Iskirrans consider nothing sacred or off-limits. It is rumored that their scientists and physicians perform experiments on human subjects without thought for the risks or harm such activities might cause them. Such practices are considered acceptable so long as the experiments are conducted only on criminals or prisoners of war.

The Iskirrans value military training and education very highly. Anyone can join the military and all schools are open to the public. The education one receives in an Iskirran school is rife with state propaganda.

Religion in general is frowned upon as primitive superstition, but it is especially reviled if it stands in the way of "progress".

Attitudes toward foreigners are based on their perceived usefulness. For instance, there is an Iskirran government organization which focuses on encouraging immigration of individuals from esteemed foreign academies and schools who have received the highest marks among their peers. They are offered unique opportunities and jobs in Iskirra, along with various other benefits. Many have condemned this practice as bribery, but the steady drip of promising students who defect to Iskirra each year from abroad seemingly proves the success of such methods.

People and Society

  • Races (Numbers): 65% Iskirran, 40% Zantine, 3% Eltenian, 1% Norevi, 1% Apicartan
  • Languages Spoken: Iskirran, Zantine
  • Autonomy: Zantines are treated as second-class citizens.


Iskirra is an atheistic state. All non-magic religion is highly discouraged via propaganda and the public education system. The rights of the faithful to practice their religion are typically ignored in matters of the law. Subjugated Zantines who continue to openly practice Zantine Akhenism are either heavily taxed or actively persecuted, including imprisonment in reeducation camps, depending on their economic status and location.


Magic is openly studied and practiced among the populace. Magic Users are employed by the Iskirran government, especially the military. Magic is incorporated into science and technology, and utilized in warfare.


  • Gender Equality/Roles: Women and men are seen as the same, lacking in any differences aside from basic biology.
  • Familial Units:
  • Social Rituals:
  • Fashion and Dress:
  • Cuisine:
  • Entertainment/Games/Sports:
  • Art and Other Great Works:
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  • Holidays:


  • Government type: Unitary Directorial Dictatorship/Empire
  • Nobility and Privilege
  • Capitol City: Drosperinon
  • Crime and Punishment:
  • Allies and Adversaries:
  • Taxation: High
  • Infrastructure:
  • Military:


  • Natural Resources
  • Taxation
  • Trade, Guilds and Market
  • Technology and Medicine
  • Transportation and Communication
  • Farming
  • Export/Import

Other Significant events


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  • Foreign Relations


  • Internal Relations

Geography and Ecology

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