Jeffrey Mathias Hilliker is an American factory worker. He is best known for being the identical twin brother of the serial killer Adam Hilliker.


Early Childhood (1960-1969)

Jeff was born May 4, 1960 to Gordon, a scientist, and Margaret Hilliker. He arrived a few minutes after his twin brother Adam.

At the age of three, Jeff underwent painful surgery to repair a hernia. The surgery appeared to be a success, but would lead to further complications down the road.

When the twins were seven years old, their brother Danny was born. Jeff had a good relationship with Danny, but Adam wasn't interested in his little brother. He resented Danny for taking Jeff's attention away from him.

The twins were largely inseparable in their youth. They played together rather than with other children, and got into trouble together as well. One of their more odd shared hobbies was dissection - the two boys would collect roadkill and cut them open to observe their insides. Jeff's interest was purely scientific, but Adam seemed to have a perverse fascination with the innards.

Adolescence (1970-1979)

Around 1970, the family moved to rural Ohio. While hunting for roadkill, Jeff met Mark McGill, a neighborhood boy a year older than him. The two became best friends.

Through his relationship with Mark, Jeff was introduced to Heidi Greenwell, who would later become Mark's girlfriend. Jeff's life at home became increasingly difficult as his parents moved toward divorce, and he spent as little time as possible at home, preferring the company of his small group of friends.

Immediately after graduating, Mark left for California with his brothers, hoping to start a band and make it big. He insisted that Heidi stay behind to finish school, and asked Jeff to look out for her. Jeff and Heidi bonded over their troubled home lives, culminating in a brief kiss on a tire swing. Their personalities were incompatible, however, and Jeff wanted more than Heidi was able to give him.

In the middle of senior year, Jeff met Rachel Prescott, who was two years younger than him. The two fell in love. Jeff's parents finally divorced, with his father staying in Ohio and his mother going to live with her parents in Wisconsin. When he found out Rachel's family was also moving to Wisconsin, Jeff went with his mother and Danny in order to stay close to his sweetheart. The two later married.

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