Julian Tierney (aka Dr. Jules) is an Alucar doctor. He served as the court physician to King Tristan Stirling. Upon the death of Tristan, he retained the office, becoming physician to the new king, Tristan's son Aldous.


Early Life

Born in the village of Esset, he is the son of Marcus Tierney, a war hero known for his exploits during the conquest of Kataru. When he was roughly a year old, his mother left him on his father's doorstep. He knows little of her, except that she was very young when he was born.

He has a half-sister, Hera, who is roughly six years younger than him. She goes by her mother's surname, O'Leary, and is estranged from their father.

Julian was a studious child. He was taught by a private tutor, then later attended the Royal Academy, the most prestigious school in the country. He excelled in his classes and graduated early with high honors.

He was hired not long after by King Tristan, who was getting older and becoming more concerned about his health. Julian was also tasked with examining Tristan's two sons, Aldous and Claudius. While Aldous submitted to the examination without complaint, Claudius refused. Aldous later confided in Julian that Claudius suffered from a weak constitution, but never wanted to be seen as vulnerable or treated as if he were fragile.

King Aldous' Favorite

Aldous liked Julian enough that after Tristan died, he kept him on as court physician. While Aldous was away during the War of Succession, however, Julian remained at Carthmere Castle. At some point in his youth, he suffered an injury that left him missing his right eye, rendering him unable to serve in the army in any capacity, including medic. He hides this injury by wearing a black eyepatch.

For the duration of the war, he tended to the servants and courtiers at Carthmere, and performed medical experiments. Shortly after the arrival of Laura Zosimus, however, he was approached by Princess Helen, Aldous' sister. She had received news that Aldous intended to marry Laura after the war was over and wanted to know more about Laura, but they had gotten off on the wrong foot and the girl was avoiding her at every turn. Thus, Helen tasked Julian with befriending Laura on her behalf and delivering information about the girl's background, opinions, beliefs, and general feelings, as well as examining her physically. Julian was reluctant to accept, but agreed in exchange for Helen providing Hera with a job at the palace.

It soon became apparent that Helen's intentions were more nefarious, as she intended to use the information Julian gained as leverage to manipulate Laura. Likewise, his attempts at gathering data had resulted in him becoming far too involved with the girl, who was due to be married to his employer.