Sir Gorrister is a knight. He has served under both King Aldous and King Richard, and served in the Second Exekian War.

Rarely removing his helm in front of others, Gorrister's appearance and past is subject to speculation.


Gorrister is over six feet tall and possesses an incredible physique. He wears a suit of red armor designed to completely protect him as well as strike fear in his foes. Only his blue eyes are visible through his helmet. His voice is gravelly and low-pitched.

While he is social and sometimes talks too much, he rarely discusses himself or his past. Most people don't even know his first name. His experiences as a soldier have left him prejudiced against Exekians, and he doesn't get along with John, whom he is assigned by King Richard to protect.


Leonard Gorrister was born near the end of the reign of King Tristan to an aristocratic family in the city of Kronos. During the War of Succession, his father joined Claudius Stirling and was killed. Like many young boys whose parents were deemed traitors for following Claudius, Gorrister was forced into a brutal training program. Though he survived, many of the other boys died from hunger, exhaustion, and injury.

By the time he was fourteen, Gorrister had the body of an adult, leading to his being thrust into combat when the Second Exekian War broke out. As he watched his friends and comrades die in battle, he began to develop a deep-seated hatred of Exekians, whom he saw as monstrous and unfeeling.

Gorrister was present when Queen Laura spoke to Aldous' troops, convincing them to abandon their posts and return home. He was not among the deserters, but left not long after as Aldous was forced to call off the invasion.

Gradually working his way through the ranks, Gorrister eventually became a knight, a position he believed would prevent him from seeing the kind of combat that had traumatized him as a youth. Aldous died and his son Richard came to the throne. Richard believes Gorrister to be the best of the knights, and so gives him only the most delicate of assignments. One of those, to Gorrister's annoyance, is to guard the Exekian changeling John.

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