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Letholdus Stirling I was the founder of the royal Stirling dynasty, and while his yet-unnamed kingdom only stretched from Carthmere to Bodai, he is considered the first king of Apicarta.


Early Life

Letholdus was born a slave in the Old Exekian Empire. By the time he was ten years old, he was among the many children working in the copper mines of Arza Vist. There he met Camilla, a fellow slave, and the two became close.

When he was seventeen, he witnessed an event that would change history. Struck by a dislodged iron ore, one of the Exekian overseers was severely burned. The slaves realized iron could be used as a weapon against the Exekians, and planned an uprising. With Letholdus and Camilla among them, they attacked their masters with pieces of iron and marched to the forge, where they smelted the ores into weapons.

First Exekian War

Ten years later, at age twenty seven, Letholdus become the leader of the burgeoning population of fugitive slaves. Organizing them into an army, he sacked the capital, slew Emperor Taranis, and took up residence in the palace.

Ascension, Reign, and Death

Shortly after, Letholdus was crowned king of the city. He established his court at the emperor's palace, renaming it Castle Vallon, and declared the pregnant Camilla his queen consort.

Letholdus marrying Camilla.

Camilla died in childbirth, bearing a son, Cassius I. Reportedly, Letholdus was so stricken with grief at her death he locked himself in his chambers and refused to eat anything for thirty days.

Letholdus' reign lasted sixteen years; at the time of his death, his kingdom consisted only of the land from his castle to the city of Bodai. He continued to repel the Exekian forces up until he was slain in battle. His son succeeded him and proceeded to expand the borders by force.