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Letholdus Stirling III, aka the Raven King, was ruler of Apicarta. Born the eldest of three children, he was named heir to the throne at his birth.

It is believed he had a hand in the deaths of his sister Odette Stirling, his brother Stephen Stirling, Stephen's wife Maria and their infant son in order to prevent them from impeding the line of succession.

He married Aalis Bricassart, whom he imprisoned after discovering she had committed adultery. Their only child, Enid, was conceived and born in the Ivory Tower.

Letholdus' obsession with subjugating the free city-state of Kataru consumed most of his reign. Angered by the Katarans' steady refusal to join peacefully with Apicarta, Letholdus believed they were stubborn and arrogant, and he sought to humble them. He repeatedly attempted to take the city by force, burned large sections of it, and was known for his brutal treatment of Kataran prisoners of war.

His reign lasted thirty nine years. He is remembered for his ruthlessness and brutality as well as his bizarre obsession with his personal ideals of purity and justice. He was known by the moniker "the raven king" for his black hair and wardrobe.