Livia Agravain was a human woman of Zantine descent. She lived in the city of Amarna, where she owned and operated a magic shop. A self-taught witch, she offered her services in magic through the backdoor.

Born in Zantium as Livia Drusilla Agravain, she was the younger sister of Lygia. They were the daughters of an aristocratic family which had fallen on hard times. While attending boarding school, she became involved in the occult. At age fifteen, she was accused of apostasy and witchcraft after evidence of her occult practices was discovered in her room while she was visiting family. She was subsequently found guilty and banished from her homeland.

She settled in the city of Amarna, opening a magic shop, where she sold medicinal ingredients/potions, totems, enchanted items, and read fortunes. She also provided less harmless services to customers willing to pay a high price for them.

On one such occasion, she was confronted by an old woman who, using an enchanted dagger, revived and healed a child she had aborted. The old woman died, and Livia was left to care for the child, Ardath Dastagir.

Livia fell ill during the infamous plague outbreak in the city and died soon after.

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