Logan Brynner is an Iskirran aristocrat and politician. He is married to Princess Eleanor Stirling, by whom he has a son, Tobias.


Logan was born and raised in Drosperinon, the only child of a merchant and his wife. His mother died in Logan's early childhood from illness.

The boy was sent away to boarding school as soon as he was eligible. According to those who knew him, he was a bully to other students and an overachiever.

Upon his father's death, Logan inherited all of his property and wealth. Using his money, influence, and charms, he climbed his way up through his country's politics.

Seeing the young man's rise to power, King Aldous Stirling, the ruler of Apicarta, proposed a marriage with his daughter Eleanor. Initial concerns that the princess, who was almost nine years younger than Logan, would not be a good match were quickly quelled after Logan paid a visit to Carthmere. So impressed was Logan with Eleanor that he dispensed with the traditional waiting period following an engagement. The two were married within six months, and less than a year later their son Tobias was born.

Upon Aldous' death, the throne went to his eldest son Richard, who is unmarried and has no legitimate children. His attempts to marry his Iskirran mistress Karen Liu have been hindered by political intrigues. Currently, Tobias is next in line - although since he is only a child, Logan would be expected to rule as regent until the boy came of age.

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