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Lucia Stirling was princess of Apicarta, and through her marriage to Messala Nikov, Prince of Thun, she became consort of that realm.


The secondborn child of Lucien Florescu and Queen Enid Stirling, she was the only daughter her parents' marriage produced. Ignored by her mother, she was doted on by her father, who was roused from his melancholy by her presence.

Six year old Lucia with her father in happier times.

Her father's madness first began to manifest when Lucia was about seven years old. Periods of silent catatonia and violent, paranoid outbursts began to disrupt the family's lives. Lucia was too young to understand what was happening, but she refused to leave her father's side until forced by her mother. She was brokenhearted when Lucien was sent away to live in confinement.

Eventually Lucia grew into a beautiful and gracious woman. She married Messala Nikov, who ruled the principality of Thun, an island kingdom off the coast of Dardanos. She moved away to live with him, and apart from attending her father's funeral, she did not return to her homeland.

At the funeral, Lucia was approached by Queen Laura Stirling and the two struck up a conversation. Laura sympathized with Lucia over the loss of her father, and Lucia offered the young queen some advice.