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Lord Lucien Stirling was the consort of Queen Enid Stirling and the father of Tristan Stirling, Lucia Stirling, and Sebastian Stirling.

A member of the prestigious Florescu family from Zemar, his marriage to Enid was arranged by the princess herself. They were, as one historian put it, "made for each other, both preoccupied with gloom and doom".

But Lucien's melancholy soon took on a darker turn. Ten years into their marriage, he began exhibiting strange behaviors including paranoia, delusions, violent outbursts, and catatonia. As his madness became more difficult to control, he was confined and looked after by various attendants and doctors, who could only manage his symptoms with sedatives and constant care.

Isolated from the world, he outlived his wife by nearly three decades and almost all of his children. While his relatives were being killed off during the War of Succession, he was not considered a threat and therefore left alone. By the time he died in 185 AYZ, only his daughter Lucia remained to pay her respects.