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"I was struck by the state of our society. The Empire was built upon the backs of mortal slaves, individuals whose lives were already brief and difficult enough as is without us imposing our will upon them. I had never questioned the system by which we lived, but after realizing this truth, it seemed disingenuous to continue propagating it."

-Matta, Book of Matta

Matta's Mutiny was an armed slave revolt in 230 BYZ. Led by the Exekian alchemist Matta, it resulted in the murder of Caspar, a high-ranking politician, and the attempted assassination of Emperor Rokanan. The rebellion was put down and those involved were interrogated under torture. To the confusion of the investigators, the slaves claimed their dreams were visited by a hunyadi, who inspired them to rebel. They identified this individual as Matta, but Matta was not a hunyadi. Attempts to learn the identity of the dreamwalker failed.

Hundreds of years later in 162 AYZ, the publication of the Book of Matta, a memoir written by Matta in the final days of his life, revealed he was aided by Kemet, a hunyadi soldier who eventually betrayed him and covered up his own involvement to evade punishment.