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Melekess is a city-state located on top of the Syra river delta. It is surrounded on three sides by a sparsely populated desert. Together with the other city states of Lydell, Silvenia, and Vitharn, it forms the country of Nykara.

The constant fluctuation of the water levels causes periodic flooding, with some sections of the city being completely underwater for most of the year. As a result, the city is divided into sectors, such as the "High Houses" located on a steep slope that is rarely flooded, the "Low Houses" at the bottom, the Marketplace at middle elevation, and the Palace, which is much further inland and houses the city's governing body.

Melekess was overtaken by Luther Arimanes, a warlord accompanied by an "invincible" army of warriors of unknown origin. Luther declared himself the new prince of the city, married a local princess, and began a tyrannical reign lasting twenty one years. He was murdered during a masquerade ball, though the details of his death are shrouded in mystery. His second-in-command, Adrian Vandiir, was the primary suspect, but Adrian escaped custody and fled the city before his trial.

Current Leaders

Princess Philomena Cohilas

Notable Residents

Ardath Dastagir (owner of Something Borrowed, a magic shop)

Marena Roland (Ardath's wife)

Watchman Dimiter Yen (priest at the Zantine chapel)