Naomi Zosimus (née Cohilas) was the second wife of Lord Gavin Zosimus and the mother of his children Melanie and Balian. She died in prison following the arrest of the Zosimus family during the War of Succession.


Naomi Rhea Sibylla Cohilas was born in Amarna. Her family, the Cohilases, were active in Amarnan politics, with her father serving as mayor and her uncle head of the treasury. She has several older siblings, among them Princess Philomena.

As the youngest member of her family, Naomi was the last to leave home. She remained under the thumb of Philomena until she met Gavin Zosimus, an Apicartan nobleman sent to Amarna as a potential suitor. Initially she found him somewhat off-putting, as he was very serious and solemn. As time went on, they got to know each other better and eventually fell in love.

They married in 166, with the approval of her sister. The couple had two children, Melanie and Balian.

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