The paladins were a special class of knight found within Zantine society. They specialized in combat, defense, and warfare against magic users and supernatural beings. They were typically human males, though some females have been documented and for a time the Exekians also contributed their numbers to the ranks of the paladins.

Their primary role was to defend against militant magic users in Zantium, and they would carry out the penalty dealt to such people (either execution or banishment). To do this, they wielded silver-coated weapons and learned how to exorcise spirits.

The silver-coated weapons of the paladins had to be kept regularly in a highly ritualistic process. Such swords were typically only made of iron from a fallen star, then covered in a silver alloy rumored to be derived from Exekian blood. This blood had to be freely given; if it was taken by force, supposedly the weapon would be cursed to shatter in the heat of battle.

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