Peredur was a human male who lived during the Old Kingdoms era. He is credited with founding the nation of Zantium.

Born a slave, he managed to escape and wandered the earth with no other goal beyond evading his old master. Eventually he came upon a lake, and while drinking from it he saw a skeleton wearing armor and a silver crown inlaid with diamonds sitting at the bottom. Taking it as a sign, he dove into the water to retrieve the crown and placed it on his own head, declaring his destiny to become a king.

His declaration proved premature, as he had no subjects, no armies, and no money. But through a series of misadventures, Peredur proved his mettle. After a duel with his shadow-self, he was victorious but badly wounded. The Ferdia then appeared, carrying him across the sea to a new land so that he might rule it.

Peredur dubbed this country Zantium. He married Angharad and had eleven children, the eldest of which was Gwydion.

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