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Peredur was a legendary figure who lived during the Old Kingdoms era. He is credited with being the first paladin.

Born in what is modern day Apicarta, he was an enslaved soldier in the armies of Queen Skoga. He was dispatched to fight in the Raid of Sylarat, but deserted the battlefield.

Fleeing into the forest, he encountered the wounded Ferdia, a mighty Exekian warrior. The good-natured Peredur treated Ferdia's wounds, even though he hated the Exekians for enslaving him. In return, Ferdia agreed to train him, making Peredur the first paladin.

Peredur was eventually captured by Skoga's men and sentenced to imprisonment for desertion. For six nights, he lay in prison, awaiting his fate. Each night, he dreamed of a different facet of love: unconditional love, friendship, sacrifice, eternal love, "love that wills the good of the other", and servitude. At the end of the six days, he was due to be executed. However, in the aftermath of the failed raid, chaos broke out among the petty kingdoms and Skoga was killed.