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Peredur was a human male who lived during the Old Kingdoms era. Born a slave, he managed to escape and wandered the earth with no other goal beyond evading his old master.

Eventually he came upon a lake, and while drinking from it he saw a skeleton wearing armor and a silver crown inlaid with diamonds sitting at the bottom. Taking it as a sign, he dove into the water to retrieve the crown and placed it on his own head, declaring his destiny to become a king.

His declaration proved premature, as he had no subjects, no armies, and no money. But through a series of misadventures, Peredur proved his mettle. After a duel with his shadow-self, he was victorious but badly wounded. The Ferdia then appeared, carrying him across the sea to a new land. After giving Peredur the gift of magic, the sky-serpent left him to rule.

Peredur dubbed his country Zantium. He married Angharad and had eleven children, the eldest of which was Gwydion. Each of his children inherited his gift, and those who are descended directly from his bloodline have a chance at also manifesting it. Such individuals are commonly known as mages, and they made up the elite of Zantine society.