Princess Philomena Cohilas Rimânez is the current ruler of the city of Amarna. She is the widow of Prince Alastair Rimânez and the elder sister of Naomi Zosimus.


Philomena Nadira Antonina Cohilas was born in Amarna in 119 AYZ. She was the eldest child of her parents, Haya and Alexios Cohilas, and descended from a long line of desert royalty.

When the city was taken over by Alastair and his army, her family immediately stepped in to get on the prince's good side and keep themselves in a position of power. Philomena's marriage to Alastair was arranged to that end, and Alastair was eager to make his leadership of Amarna as official as possible by wedding the city's heir.

For much of their marriage, Philomena was apolitical and avoided involvement in government affairs unless told to do something by her family. Thus, she was largely oblivious to her husband's cruelty, but very much aware of his degeneracy. Though she came to dislike him immensely, she knew better than to openly display her disdain for Alastair, keeping her criticisms and horror to herself.

At some point prior to her husband's death, Philomena began a romance with Cyrus Spyridon, the arena champion. Her relationship with Cyrus forced Philomena to face her husband's crimes, and she vowed never to allow the wool to be pulled over her eyes again.

Philomena was part of the ritual to summon the Arcana. She represented the High Priestess, and while she was able to see the Magician, she was the only person who did not make a deal with him.

After the death of her husband, Philomena became the sole ruler of Amarna. She was forced to face her responsibility as princess, and she has been trying ever since to stay informed, pay attention, and do a good job.

She occasionally suffers from headaches, particularly when the subject of Alastair is brought up, as well as strange dreams and vivid nightmares. She is missing certain memories, including those of her marriage, the night of her husband's death, and her relationship with Cyrus.

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