Selca Ducani was a human male. Under various masters, he served as a soldier, warlock, spy, assassin, and Temple Grand Inquisitor. He was deemed a traitor and murderer in Amarna, forcing him to flee the city, though he eventually met his doom there five years later.

Due to a deal he made with the Magician, he was able to shapeshift at will. Other dealings with spirits granted him various supernatural powers.


For someone who has made their mark on the world largely by pretending to be other people, Selca's true face is remarkably distinct. His most memorable trait is his eyes - his right iris is pale blue, while his left iris is black as pitch. He has flaxen hair in thin, wispy curls, a tall, prominent brow, and a cruel, smirking mouth.

Selca is a cold, calculating man. While he is typically loyal to whomever he serves, he is ambitious and often seeks to prove himself to his superiors by going above and beyond their orders. His desire to excel and impress often gets in the way of his better judgement, as he embarks on reckless missions and comes up with foolhardy plans aiming to improve his standing in the eyes of his master.

For much of his life, he held a morbid curiosity and interest in the occult. He collected books on the subject of magic, but the more in-depth he studied the field, the more it disturbed him. His attempts to warn his master and friends of the dangers were dismissed as fear-mongering, and he was accused of trying to sabotage the advancement of Ardath, who had taken over his role as court magician.

Selca is prone to envy and resentment toward those who replace him in the favor of his employer, but not towards his employer themselves. He holds great respect for anyone who achieves power through their own means, and he often comes to love those he serves, a tendency which has landed him in trouble more than once.

Though he has worked for clergymen and other proponents of organized religion, Selca himself has a fairly low opinion of faith and religious adherents. He laments that he cannot be skeptical, having had too much experience with the divine and supernatural to be atheist or agnostic, and he essentially resents the creator for allowing suffering and evil to thrive.

He possesses a pet ferret named Nyx which is often thought to be a demon familiar enthralled to him.



Selca's origins are obscure, but it is generally assumed he is of Zantine or Apicartan descent. He alluded to having been captured as a child and sold into slavery, but he eventually escaped. It is likely that Luther Arimanes met him when they were children.

He eventually served in the army of Luther Arimanes as his master's lieutenant and was among the forces who took control of the city of Amarna.

Many years later, his favor with Luther was surpassed by Ardath Dastagir. Selca's attempts to warn Luther about the dangers of Ardath's tarot magic were ignored on the grounds that he was simply jealous of Ardath and embittered by his loss of influence with the prince.

On the night of Luther's death, Selca was blamed for the prince's murder. One of the courtiers claimed to have heard Luther cry out his name before he vanished, and Selca had the most obvious motives and means for killing him. He was arrested and charged with the prince's murder but escaped custody and fled the city before his execution.

The Inquisitor

In 164, he turned up in Apicarta, where he was hired by Guardian Neil Lars to investigate Dagda Vormund's cult. The Temple never formally ordered him to go beyond spying and reporting suspicious activities to the bishop, but Neil tasked him with sabotaging the cult. Using various false identities, Selca set about obstructing Vormund in every way he could.

Posing as a lawyer, he intimidated Joachim Babbitt into having his mother, Heather Babbitt, committed to an insane asylum, where she later died. As "Cezar Montag", a flamboyant actor, he seduced one of Vormund's known associates, the bard Jade Athanasi, at the Muse Theater in Hiberia. He used this position to keep tabs on Jade, who was worried about Vormund and had expressed her concerns to the police. But it wasn't until Vormund and several of his followers returned to Hiberia and paid Jade a visit that the nature of Selca's mission changed, as he saw an opportunity to destroy the cult once and for all.

Disguised as a woman and wearing the costume of a monk, Selca attempted to drug Vormund while the prophet was preaching to a crowd. The drug, a powdered form of the hallucinogenic darjeel, missed its mark, hitting Vormund's son Ethan instead. Vormund's lieutenant, Drusus Rolfe, shot Selca in the back as he was fleeing, and the quick-thinking Selca morphed into Jade as Drusus went to uncover the identity of the attacker.

Vormund had Drusus carry "Jade" to the nearest hospital for treatment. In surgery, the bullet was extracted and Selca was able to recover rapidly using magic. He snuck out of the hospital later that night and presumably reported to Neil Lars what he knew.

Despite his having failed to hit Vormund, Ethan went mad due to yignaal exposure, and his resulting insanity is what ultimately caused the cult's downfall. Selca was sent to Tyr as Inquisitor to intervene in the court proceedings there after Vormund, Ethan, and Drusus were arrested by the Rhinehart police. He successfully arranged for Vormund to be given a heresy trial under the Temple's jurisdiction, which he personally oversaw. During the court proceedings, Vormund called Selca "assassin" - a statement Selca interpreted as a fraudulent reference to Luther's disappearance.

Vormund died in prison before the trial could be concluded. Neil Lars ordered Selca to locate the coveted original Mandorlin document which Vormund had used as the basis for his translation. Disguising himself as a manservant named Faulkner, he followed Gavin Zosimus and Leon Gorrister to Arza Kell. Selca revealed himself to them on their way out of the caves and forced Gavin to uncover the manuscript, which he then destroyed. Believing the cult's credibility would collapse without proof, Selca left Gavin, Kemet, Clara, and Leon alive out of pity for their situation.

Return to Amarna

In 167, Selca returned to the city of Amarna, having heard a rumor that Luther's ghost was haunting the palace. He took on the identity of a palace servant in order to investigate. As he quickly discovered, Queen Philomena suffered from recurring nightmares of the king's phantom, which had made the queen highly paranoid and irrational. The servants had noticed some strange and inexplicable occurrences, but none had actually seen a ghost.

After learning that Marena, a young woman with a connection to Ardath, had been imprisoned by Philomena due to Luther having mentioned her by name, he sought her out in the dungeons. He helped her escape, only to abandon her in the desert, hoping she would die there.

But something that Selca didn't count on was that, not only did Marena survive, she wound up chancing upon her long-lost father, Marcus Roland. With the aid of his apprentice Leon Renard, he help Marena find Ardath. Marena and Ardath were eventually recaptured by the queen's soldiers and taken back to the palace.

During a ritual intended to coax the prince's ghost out of hiding, the spirit appeared and accused Ardath of killing him. Ardath was promptly arrested and thrown in prison. There, Selca appeared and questioned him about what had really happened that night. Ardath claimed he couldn't remember and apologized for not standing up for him. Selca later attended the trial, and observing that the jury was undecided, he revealed himself and confessed to the crime. He was arrested and slated to die the next morning.

In the meantime, Marena discovered the truth about the murder. She and Ardath raced to prevent the execution from occurring, but seemingly failed. Unbeknownst to them, Selca had faked his death and continued to spy on the palace, knowing the ghost of Luther would not rest.

At the masquerade held at the palace in celebration, Selca lost his powers after Watchman Dimiter Yen exorcised the palace and reversed the ritual which had killed Luther. Enraged, Selca killed Dimiter. As Marcus Roland began chasing him, Selca was forced to hide.

Marcus became distracted by other matters, namely the disappearance of his daughter Marena. Selca was able to sneak out, where he witnessed the resurrected Luther enacting changes and punishing those who had betrayed him. He invited Selca to join him as his lieutenant, even though he had lost all his powers.

But it was not to be. Seeing that Luther was planning on executing Philomena, Cyrus Spyridon slew the resurrected king.


Hearing the ensuing commotion, Leon abandoned his post and rushed to the scene. He dueled with Selca. Despite Selca having cheated during the fight, Leon was able to run him through with his sword.

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