Skoga was an Exekian and the ruler of the ancient petty kingdom of Iskirra. A Mandorlin figure, she appears in the Histories of Heroes. She is also a character in the popular folk song "Prince Edric".


Skoga was born thousands of years ago in the lowlands. She ruled over Iskirra, an ancient Exekian petty kingdom. Her lover Arkady was from the city of Sylarat, and their relationship meant that Iskirra allied itself with the city.

However, the lovers began to quarrel when Skoga realized Sylarat was protected by the Ferdia, a mystical creature known as a sky-serpent. Skoga called her armies together, including enlisting the aid of her ally and other lover Sadon, and marched to the city, intent on slaying the Ferdia. Wounded, the creature nonetheless escaped, killing many of her men in the process.

Among those who survived the battle, Sadon's bonded servant Edric deserted the army and fled into the forest, where he encountered the Ferdia. In exchange for bandaging its wounds, the beast granted Edric the power to dreamwalk, making him the first hunyadi. Edric would go on to use his newfound power against Skoga, provoking her mortal servants with dreams of her evil deeds. Eventually one of the servants assassinated her.

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