Sophia Richter is an Alucar woman. A former child prostitute, she was rescued and rehabilitated by the prophet Dagda Vormund, subsequently becoming one of his first followers and among the few surviving members of the Cult of Vormund.

She is illegally married to Kemet, an Exekian. Their union is not recognized in either of their homelands, and is only given religious significance among the Vormundists.


Early Life

Born in Hiberia, Alucarsia, in 147 AYZ, Sophia Richter was the daughter of two unmarried servants working for a wealthy lord. When she was still very young, her father died. Her mother became a listless alcoholic and soon lost her job. To avoid starvation, she forced the eleven year old Sophia into prostitution in the infamous Hiberian red light district.

Under her mother's management, Sophia was eventually picked up by a chain of high-end brothels. Custody of her was granted to Madame Rathbone, the owner of the chain, who claimed she was her orphaned ward. Under Rathbone, Sophia was forced to take drugs which affected her physical body, making her appear older and more mature, as well as altering her psychological and emotional states. As a result of the drugs, she has significant gaps in her memory, and what she does remember seems like a dream.


While attempting to squeeze through the bars outside her bedroom window in order to jump to her death, Sophia heard the prophet Vormund preaching below. Vormund saw her and tried to talk to her, but she was pulled away from the window before she could reply.

Later that evening, two of Vormund's followers, Jade Athanasi and Ethan, entered the brothel and pretended to be clients. They made their way upstairs, where Ethan found Sophia locked in one of the rooms. He and Jade spirited her away and delivered her to Vormund, who placed her in the care of Heather Babbitt, a retired nurse and close friend. Heather gradually helping her recuperate, but it quickly became apparent that she would have to be moved out of the city for the sake of her mental health.


In 163, following the instructions of a divine vision, Vormund headed for the Kuhlimani Mountains. Several of his acolytes followed, Sophia among them.

The cult came upon an Exekian called Kemet, who was badly beaten and left for dead. They nursed him back to health, and in return he allowed them to stay in his hideout, the caves of Arza Kell. Sophia and Kemet fell in love, a development which initially terrified her. The couple were married in a double wedding ceremony, along with Gavin and Melissa Zosimus.

Disbanding of the Cult

After the arrest and death of Vormund, his followers scattered. A third of the Vormundists joined Rolfe against King Tristan. The other two thirds went their own ways. Sophia went with Kemet, traveling south with the aid of Lord Gavin Zosimus.

After crossing the river Antoi, they built a cottage in the wilderness and lived there as a family.


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In early drafts, she was named "Clara Belgrade". In Dreamwalker, she uses this name as a false identity.

The name Sophia came from the main character Sophie in Howl's Moving Castle.