Sophie Rolfe was an Apicartan woman of Dardani descent. She was the younger sister of Drusus Rolfe, and lived in a semi-permanent residence paid for by him in the city of Zemar.

After her brother joined Vormund, he sent for her to come to Hiberia. There, she befriended Heather Babbitt.

Drusus dragged the teenaged Sophie along with him as the cult moved to Arza Kell, where they would remain for the next two years. During this time, Sophie began planning her escape. She initially intended to sneak away while they were visiting Bodai, but her hopes were dashed when the city authorities banished the cult. Then, as Vormund decided to return to Hiberia, she decided to seek out Heather.

But upon their return, they discovered Heather had died in an insane asylum, where she had been forcibly committed by her son. Left with no other options, Sophie ultimately chose to stay with the cult, as she had begun a relationship with one of its members, Rowan Renard.

En route to Tyr, she was attacked and killed by Ethan, who had been driven mad by the drug yignaal. Her murder prompted Rowan to report the cult to the police, effectively disbanding them.

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