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Tarot is a method of divination using trump cards. Each card represents one of the Arcana, "cosmic archetypes" who represent aspects of the human psyche. By pulling a card from the deck during a divination session, one can supposedly determine the path their future may take, and whether their fortunes will be fair or foul.

The reputation of the tarot varies from one region to the next. Its origins are unknown, with many different theories being posited as possible. The Zantines despised tarot, seeing it as a form of witchcraft. Others are indifferent to it or largely ignorant of its existence, as in the lands of Apicarta and Exekia.

A small cult has developed around the Major Arcana, worshiping them as divine beings or "cosmic archetypes" similar to a polytheistic pantheon. There is evidence that such beings do exist, but whether they are divine or not is less certain.