The Ferdia (Old Exekian, "sky-serpent") is a mythical being found in Akhenist mythology and folklore. Depending on the religious sect, he is either benevolent or malicious.

Little is understood of the Ferdia's true nature; he is described as a "sky-serpent", or a reptilian creature with a hollow, spiny body and scales which resemble seashells. He has no wings, but can draw air into himself in order to fly, and can blow wind from his mouth with the force of a tornado.

The oldest appearance of the Ferdia is found in the Histories, where he serves as a mascot and guardian of the ancient kingdom of Sylarat. Queen Skoga of Iskirra seeks to capture the Ferdia by attacking Sylarat. Her army is scattered, but one of her soldiers manages to wound the Ferdia. His injuries were cared for by Edric, and in return the Ferdia granted Edric the power to dreamwalk.

In the Temple's mythos, the Ferdia was the first creation, and he originally had no corporeal form, existing only as a spirit. The Ferdia is here depicted as a villain, manipulating the Creator into giving him the power to create. He used this ability to make the Exekians, flawed immortals who would go on to enslave the Creator's mortal humans.

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