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Temple priestess.

The Temple, also known as the Temple of the One God, is the most widespread religious institution in the nations of Apicarta, Kataru, Zantium, and Dardanos.

Based on Akhenism, it differs primarily in its vastly different interpretation of the "Holy Books" - edited versions of the Mandorlin - and insistence that the language in which the Books were originally written, Old Exekian, is a foul and corrupted version of the divine, holy language of "the god".

The clergy is modeled after the Exekian fellinar; it is primarily administered by the Matriarchs. Each city in Apicarta has a Matriarch, to whom all members of the clergy in that city report. Lesser clergymen include priests/priestesses, monks, and theologians.

The Temple maintained a semi-close relationship with Zantine Akhenism up until the destruction of Zantium. Zantine beliefs regarding the use of magic influenced the Temple's policy on the matter, although the rarity of magic found in Apicarta means that most Temple members have little to no understanding of what magic is, much less the intricacies involved.

In more recent years, especially after the fall of Zantium, religion has lost influence and no longer has as much sway in political spheres. The Temple has drawn further criticism due to its practice of restricting and censoring its members. Nonetheless, any serious religious matter is deemed their responsibility even if it does not involve "official" clergy, including instances of cults, prophets, mystics, miracles, witchcraft and magic.

Certain bishops and clergymen have been investigated for ties to the criminal underworld, and for participation in illegal activities, such as smuggling, racketeering, human trafficking, and prostitution.


The Temple officially began during the reign of King Letholdus II. In 72 AYZ, Letholdus II approved the translation of the Mandorlin from Old Exekian into Apicartan.

Current Bishops

Guardian of Bodai - Julianna Morrow

Guardian of Hiberia - Balthasar Krezt

Guardian of Kataru

Guardian of Tyr

Guardian of Zemar