Before time, there was nothing of any substance. No light, no air; there was no water or earth, and no warmth. All there was was the god. No one created the god, nothing formed the god, the god simply was.

There was nothing else like the god. In his loneliness he decided to create another being which would be like himself in every way except power.

To do this, he created the universe, for such vastness is required to contain the complexities of even one living soul.

In the black void of open space, he hung the stars and the sun, and he fashioned the earth as an artist does. But it was barren, and there was no life upon it. So he created the seas, and those waters he let flow into the land and feed the seeds of life.

Having made a paradise of flora, he populated it with animals. But the animals weren't his equal in thought and will, much less power.

From marble he derived flesh and gave it a spirit of its own. This was the first Exekian, Embal. Because of his physical nature, Embal could neither see nor hear the god. Regardless, Embal sensed the god and knew that he had made him. In awe, he bowed down in worship, and called him Akhen, meaning 'Creator of the Universe'.

The god loved Embal, but Embal grew envious of the god's powers, for he had none.

"Why have you created me like you, but weak and powerless?" he complained. "Are you so selfish that you have made me for yourself, helpless and dependent on you forever?"

Akhen created a companion for Embal. This was the first female Exekian, Azara. He made her Embal's equal, and they loved each other. But over time they grew weary and split apart.

Again, Embal complained, "You have made a paradise for me, Akhen, and you have given me a companion, and yet I still grow bored. You do not understand me, for you have all the power of the universe, where I have none. I wish I had the ability to create, so that I would no longer have to come to you and ask for favors. I would be your equal."

The god chastised Embal, "I knew your every thought before time began. Without me, there is nothing. Only I hold the power of creation."

But Akhen had anticipated Embal's resentment, and soon after Azara began to bear children, and the two enjoyed some semblance of Akhen's power of creation.

The first child born that was not made from the land was called Monaxia. The birth was difficult, and Azara suffered greatly by it. She despaired to go through the pain again.

Flinging herself on her knees, she pleaded to Akhen, “What must I do to be free of this punishment?”

And Akhen said, “It is no punishment. But if you so desire, you may leave your body and go into the water, where you will flow free of man and child.”

So she did as he instructed, and her spirit flowed free of her body, which was devoured by the creatures of the sea.

The first Exekian cried out to the god, “Why have you allowed her to leave me and the child?”

“I do not control the will of my creations, for if I did I would still be alone,” replied Akhen. “Now she lies in the depths of the earth, weeping at her foolishness. But if you wish it of me, I will make another female, but she will only be able to have one child every half an era."

Embal agreed to this, and Akhen made a second female, Callidora. She knew nothing of Azara, and bore but one child with each half of an era.

Many generations were born of the Exekians, who knew not death. In their immortality, the Exekians grew fickle, drifted apart, and began to squabble among themselves. They cut themselves off from their creator, and so they began to suffer.

Akhen was displeased with their behavior. They were devoted only to their own selfish desires. So he went to the dwelling place of Monaxia, the firstborn of Embal, and spoke to him.

"Who has time for love when you're immortal?" Monaxia told him. "Love grows sour as time marches on. It isn't worth the trouble to begin with if it never lasts."

"Love is eternal," Akhen revealed. "You've allowed your senses to overturn it. If that is so, you cannot spend your whole existence in this form. There must be a fruition—an apotheosis."

He touched Monaxia, and the Exekian shuddered. His body warped and transformed, his limbs distorting and his countenance faltering. When the metamorphosis was complete, Monaxia had become a mortal man.

Akhen called to Lostris, Monaxia's lover. When she saw what had happened, she was afraid.

"Come, Lostris," Akhen said, but in her fear she turned to run. He stretched out his hand and she was struck down, her body having changed in an instant, overcome by the same alterations as her lover.

Monaxia and Lostris had become the first Alucar, the first mortals. Thus death was introduced into the world, and with it the bonds of marriage to tie mortals together for life.

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