The War of Succession was a military conflict over control of the throne of the kingdom of Apicarta.

Following the assassination of Tristan Stirling, his twin sons, Aldous Stirling and Claudius Stirling, contested each others' right to the crown. Claudius gathered supporters and waged war against his brother for three years. Aldous was in a defensive position and had more followers, giving him an advantage.

Among Claudius' supporters was Lord Gavin Zosimus, the most wealthy man in the kingdom. During the Battle of Duat, Gavin sacrificed himself to save Claudius, but the battle became a turning point in the war, favoring Aldous. Zosimus' family was taken hostage by Aldous, who later married his daughter Laura.

Eventually, Claudius went into hiding, adopting the false identity of William Harding. His sister Helen, who had been acting as a spy for him, was captured by Aldous shortly after. She revealed the whereabouts of Claudius to Aldous, believing if she told him where he was, Aldous would let him live.

The conflict officially ended with the arrest, trial, and execution of Claudius.

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