Wilhelmina "Mina" Sutherland is the queen consort of King Richard Stirling, ruler of the kingdom of Alucarsia. She is the mother of his only legitimate child and heir, Prince Tobias Stirling.


Born in the city of Bodai, she was the daughter of Solomon Sutherland and his wife Antonia. Antonia was a member of the Krezt family and a cousin to the current Bodai Councilor, Balthasar Krezt.

"Mina" as she is sometimes called, was quickly married to the prince when she was seventeen and he fifteen. The marriage was arranged by Richard's father Aldous, who wanted to prevent his son from eloping with Karen Liu, whom he considered unworthy. Mina's father was loyal and in many ways dependent on Aldous; he saw their union as a means of further controlling his son's life.

The marriage has proven a very unhappy one, though the two have managed to produce an heir, Prince Tobias. Richard prefers Karen, who has become his mistress, and Mina has numerous lovers. She ignores her son completely.