Zantine Akhenism is a form of Akhenism practiced among the Zantine people. With the fall of Zantium, the religion now has fewer than 100,000 adherents.

Zantine teachings differ from other Akhenist sects through their vilification of magic. Culturally, Zantium has a long history of persecuting magicians, with several members of their society who were found to possess supernatural abilities being either put to death or banished. The practice of divination using tarot cards and other forms of "witchcraft" are strictly forbidden, with harsh penalties.

The Zantines even developed a special order of knights, the paladins, to deal with militant magic users. These knights were trained in the use and keeping of special silver-coated weapons, physical combat as well as spiritual warfare, and exorcisms. The blessing of a paladin was said to be even more powerful than that of a priest.

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