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Henoch is an Exekian male. He is the leader of the Clan, one of the two major warring factions of Exekians in the Shadowlands.


A cunning and ruthless man, Henoch will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He will even dispose of his own if he sees them as no longer useful. Using his charisma, he manipulates others to serve his own ends. He despises humans and seeks to wipe them out completely.

He becomes obsessed with John, whom he sees as an anomaly who should be either assimilated or annihilated. Henoch attempts to convince John to join the Clan, preying on his insecurities, doubts, and flaws.

Henoch is described as having combed black hair which he slicks back over his ears, narrow black eyes, thick black eyebrows, and a gaunt face with "aristocratic" high cheekbones.


Henoch was a commoner in the Old Exekian Empire, lacking in lands of his own. He was born the son of a clockmaker and his family had a modest income.

While his exact age is unknown, he was fully grown when the First Exekian War broke out, and he fought for the Empire. When the Emperor was killed and the capital was destroyed, Henoch was among those who fled south to escape the genocide that followed. His hatred of humans grew exponentially during this period, as he narrowly reached the Shadowlands, only to find that all sense of order had broken down and it was every man for himself.

Rather than join the others in the chaos, Henoch sought to impose his own kind of order. He naturally drew followers who longed for the freedoms they had been denied in the days of the Empire. In Henoch, they saw someone who could provide those freedoms, but without the dangers anarchy would bring.

Henoch's power grew until finally, after making a treaty with the weakened Nechtan, he formed his own faction: the Clan, a group of Exekians devoted to freedom and united by hatred of humans.